SocioCards is a tool that you can use to easily structure and have deeper conversations with children. The set of cards does not use any written text. The design and method help professionals and children formulate important questions and answers using gamification 

Basic tool for conversations with children

Provides an insight into (family) situations
Makes difficult conversations easier



72 human figures
72 animal figures
5 basic emotions
6 conversation symbols
25 in-depth symbols

A sociogram is created in two phases with SocioCards

Voorbeeld van een sociogram

Phase 1 
Place the conversation symbols at one end of the table.
Place the emotion symbols at the other end of the table.
Create a sociogram in the centre of the table, during your conversation with the child, using either the human figures or the animal figures.

Phase 2
Use the symbols to add meaning and depth to the relationships in the sociogram on the table. 

The manual provides further information on how to do this.

Free downloads

You can find free downloads on the website, which you can use to create name cards, blank cards for your own dolls, houses around which you arrange cards, etc. 

SocioCards is used by:

Child therapists
Development psychologists
((Remedial) educationalists 
Children’s coaches
Family counsellors
District team employees
School social workers
Family specialists
and other education professionals

SocioCards is a tool without written text. The manual is available in Dutch, English, French and German. 


Find out here how Mayke Hugens uses SocioCards in his/her practice.